Friday, May 19, 2017

Ready to Go Book Display: Disney

Welcome to our series, "Ready to Go!" Book Display. Once a month we'll highlight the latest or greatest for every age group that you can promote within your library or order for your collection. Here are some books for Disney fans.

Recommendations for Adults:

Thousands of entries and hundreds of photographs combine to provide a comprehensive reference to the world of Disney, providing coverage of the history of Disney, park attractions, television shows, songs, animated features and shorts, and films.

Collects historical maps of the Disney Parks produced for diverse purposes, from the opening of Disneyland in 1955 through to maps of today from its parks, including its most recent in Shanghai.

Presents miscellaneous trivia, in a question and answer format, about Disney films, Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Walt Disney, and other related topics.

They Drew as They Pleased: The Hidden Art of Disney's Golden Age by Didier Ghez (Sept 2015)
As the Walt Disney Studio entered its first decade and embarked on some of the most ambitious animated films of all time, Disney hired a group of "concept artists" whose sole mission was to explore ideas and inspire their fellow animators. This book showcases four of these early pioneers and features artwork developed by them for the Disney

Poster Art of the Disney Parks by Daniel Handke (Sept 2012)
From the first art that proclaimed that Guests could have a "true-life adventure" on the Jungle Cruise to the poster announcing the grand opening of Cars Land in Disneyland, this book showcases the eye-catching art of Disney posters.

The Hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World by Kevin and Susan Neary (June 2016)
Throughout Disney you can find Hidden Mickeys - artistic representations of Mickey intentionally hidden throughout the design of the parks and resorts. This guide showcases some of the best and helps you to spot your own on your next visit. Also check out The Hidden Mickeys of Disneyland.

Disney Villains: Delightfully Evil by Jen Darcy (Jul 2016)
For decades, Walt Disney Animation and Pixar Animation Studios animated features have offered up some of the most iconic and malevolent villains. This book showcases rare concept art and photographs and explores the villains' creative origins, roles within the stories, and influences on and within pop-culture.

The Art of Minnie Mouse (Sept 2016)
In The Art of Minnie Mouse, Disney artists, designers, illustrators, and animators from around the world reimagine their favorite Minnie styles and portray them in a variety of mediums.

Recommendations for Teens:

A Whole New World: A Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell (Sept 2015)
What if Aladdin had never found the lamp? This series of Twisted Tales gives the reader a whole new look at beloved classics with a twist. This series includes Once Upon a Dream (Sleeping Beauty) and As Old As Time (Beauty and the Beast).

Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Library by Brittany Rubiano (Jan 2017)
Belle's journal of quotes from her favorite books includes her notes on each quote.

The Art of Disney's Dragons by Tom Bancroft (Jun 2016)
The Walt Disney Company has had a long-standing fascination with dragons, and this book - conceived as a sketchbook handed down through generations of Disney artists - chronicles the impact that dragons have had on Disney films, parks, and resorts.

Recommendations for Children:

Flounder Loves Ariel by Cynthia Liu (Dec 2016)
This padded board book shows the friendship between Ariel and Flounder. Be sure to check out Gus Loves Cinderella as well!

Who Was Walt Disney? by Whitney Stewart (Apr 2009)
Walt Disney always loved to entertain people. Often it got him into trouble. With black-and-white illustrations throughout, this biography reveals the man behind the magic.

Tales from the Haunted Mansion by John Esposito (Jul 2016)
Presents the terrifying tales of the Fearsome Foursome (Willa, Tim, Noah, Steve), four kids who try to out-scare each other. Their spooky stories are told by the fictional character, Amicus Arcane, the librarian of the haunted mansion. The second book in this series, Midnight at Madame Leota's, comes out July 2017.

In this book, Mike Wall's original illustrations accompany the lyrics of the beloved song, and together they navigate readers through the firelit waters of the pirate-infested Caribbean. The included CD features "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)". You should also look for Disney Parks Presents: The Haunted Mansion and Disney's It's A Small World.

The Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson (Sep 2009)
Thirteen-year-old Finn Whitman and four other young teens have been transformed into holograms to be guides for visitors to Disney World. When Finn is unexpectedly transported to the Magic Kingdom in his hologram form, Wayne, an Imagineer, tells him that he and the other guides must save the park from the scheming witch Maleficent and the Overtakers.

Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen by Serena Valentio (Aug 2009)
Examines the life of Snow White's stepmother, the Wicked Queen, to find out just what it is that makes her so evil that she would want to cut out her teenage step-daughter's heart and have it delivered in a locked keepsake box. Also go behind the scenes with The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty's Prince and Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of the Sea Witch.

The Disney Princess Cookbook by Cynthia Littlefield (Oct 2013)
Collects kid-friendly recipes inspired by the adventures of favorite Disney princesses and provides step-by-step instructions and helpful cooking tips for preparing such options as Rapunzel's Frying Pan Eggs and Ariel's Sea Turtle Cupcakes.

Moana Hairstyles & Looks by Cindy Littlefield (Oct 2016)
Shares instructions for hairstyles and crafts related to the Disney film Moana. Other titles in this series includes Frozen Hairstyles, Frozen Fever Hairstyles, Disney Princess Hairstyles, Disney Villains Hairstyles and Looks, and Frozen Amazing Hairstyle Tricks.

Learn to Draw Disney's Classic Animated Movies: Volume 1 and Volume 2 (Jan 2017)
Together these book features step-by-step drawing instructions with characters from Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book, Fantasia, 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan, The Fox and the Hounds, Bambi, Pinocchio, Lady and the Tramp, The Aristocats, and Dumbo.

Belle's Discovery (Jan 2017)
Before she met the beast, Belle was a young girl. At age 7, Belle is happy living at home with her father but at school she feels like an outsider, but things change when she discovers a run-down bookshop. Be sure to check out the other books in the Disney Princess Beginnings series: Cinderella Takes the Stage and Ariel Makes Waves. Coming Sept 2017 is Jasmine's New Rules.

The Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz (May 2015)
Imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost, the teenaged children of Disney's most evil villains search for a dragon's eye - the key to true darkness and the villains' only hope of escape.

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