Friday, June 16, 2017

Ready To Go Book Display: Hotels

Welcome to our series, "Ready to Go!" Book Display. Once a month we'll highlight the latest or greatest for every age group that you can promote within your library or order for your collection. Whether you are ready for your vacation or just having a stay-cation, check out these hotels.

Recommendations for Adults:
The Undoing by Averil Dean (Dec 2015)

When a trio of inseparable lifelong friends decide to buy and renovate a dilapidated old hotel on the cliffs of Jawbone Ridge, the intensity that always characterized their friendship turns dark, leading to obsession, betrayal and murder.

The Grand Hotel by Scott Kenemore (Oct 2014)

When a desk clerk welcomes a group of tourists into his mysterious and crumbling hotel, the last thing he expects is that a lone girl on his tour may hold the power to unravel the hidden mystery that has lain for untold centuries within the structure's walls.

Nine Lives by Wendy Corsi Staub (Oct 2015)

Interrupted by a storm that forces her to take shelter in a quirky New York town, young widow Bella Jordan accepts a job at the local hotel and is embroiled in the investigation into the owner's murder.

How May We Hate You? Notes from the Concierge Desk by Anna Drezen and Todd Dakotah Briscoe (May 2016)

A pair of Times Square hotel concierges give readers the inside scoop on one of the most enigmatic jobs in the service industry, in an account based on their popular Tumblr blog that explores the idiosyncratic customs, systems and driving forces behind today's hotels.

From the Jerome Grand Hotel in Arizona to the Palmer House in Minnesota, each hotel is discussed in great detail, covering everything from the building's history and legends to first-hand accounts of spooky sounds and smells, ghost sightings, EVP sessions, and more.

Recommendations for Teens:

I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios (Feb 2015)

Skylar Evans, seventeen, yearns to escape Creek View by attending art school, but after her mother's job loss puts her dream at risk, a rekindled friendship with Josh, who joined the Marines to get away then lost a leg in Afghanistan, and her job at the Paradise motel lead her to appreciate her home town.

Hotel Ruby by Suzanne Young (Nov 2015) reissued as Hotel for the Lost

On the way to spend a summer with her grandmother after the sudden death of her mother, seventeen-year-old Audrey, her older brother Daniel, and their father happen upon the Hotel Ruby, a luxurious place filled with unusual guests and little chance of ever leaving.

Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson (May 2008)

Fifteen-year-old Scarlett Marvin is stuck in New York City for the summer working at her quirky family's historic hotel, but her brother's attractive new friend and a seasonal guest who offers her an intriguing and challenging writing project improve her outlook.

A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly (Sept 2004)

In 1906, sixteen-year-old Mattie, determined to attend college and be a writer against the wishes of her father and fiance, takes a job at a summer inn where she discovers the truth about the death of a guest. Based on a true story.

Divah by Susannah Appelbaum (Mar 2016)

Part gothic thriller, part historical fiction, the novel straddles the Upper East Side and the lust trappings of the Carlyle hotel, and Paris during the Reign of Terror in 1789. Marie Antoinette is the Queen of the Damned. Marilyn Monroe is an expert demon hunter. To kill a demon, Hermes scarves, Evian water, and a guillotine are the weapons of choice.

Kill the Boy Band by Goldy Moldavsky (Feb 2016)

Four fan-girls of The Ruperts, sneak away to a hotel in Manhattan to see their favorite boy band, but when one of them literally drags Rupert Pierpont to their room and they tie him up, things get complicated - and when Rupert is killed things go from bad to worse.

Recommendations for Children:

The Inn Between by Marina Cohen (Mar 2016)

During a long car trip, best friends Quinn and Kara explore the strange and creepy goings-on at a remote Nevada inn when Kara's family stops for the night.

Kay Thompson's Eloise, drawings by Hilary Knight 60th Anniversary (Oct 2015)

A sixtieth anniversary edition of the classic story about the intrepid young resident at New York City's Plaza Hotel is complemented by illustrator sketches and anecdotes as well as by photographs of the author when she was Eloise's age.

Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye by Tania del Rio (Nov 2015)

Twelve-year-old orphan Warren's pride and joy is his family's hotel, but he's been miserable ever since his evil Aunt Anaconda took over the management. Anaconda believes a mysterious treasure known as the All-Seeing-Eye is hidden somewhere on the grounds, and she'll do anything to find it.

At Your Service by Jen Malone (Aug 2014)

As the junior concierge at her father's posh hotel, thirteen-year-old Chloe escorts three trouble-making royals on their trip to New York City.

Ella by Mallory Kasdan (Jan 2015)

In this modern-day parody of Kay Thompson's Eloise, a six-year-old girl named Ella charms and terrorizes the very hip city hotel where she lives.

The Ghost at The Grand Inn by Michael Teitelbaum (Nov 2015)

Staying in a historic inn that may be haunted, siblings Craig and Melanie hunt for a ghost and uncover a mystery.

Withering-By-Sea by Judith Rossell (Mar 2016)

Eleven-year-old Stella sees something she should not have seen in the dull hotel where she lives with three dreadful aunts, sending her on the run from stage magician Professor Starke and causing her to face questions about herself.

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