Friday, September 26, 2014

Schedule People Easily: Doodle

Ever had to coordinate when would be a good time for a group of patrons to meet at the library?

Or, perhaps, you need to make a meeting for the department heads or your colleagues?

Or, maybe, you have volunteers interested in working on a project and you want them to come when the most people are available?

Check out Doodle,, a free online program which collects and shows everyone's availability. You make a list of the days and times and email everyone a URL. They click on the link, add their name to the list, and then let you know the times they are free, busy, and can come, if need be. They do not need to register, so it is painless and simple to use. You can easily see all the results on one chart and can find what works best for everyone. In seconds!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Facebook Pages: Sizes & Dimensions

Do you design Facebook banners, logos, or upload images to go with your posts?

You'll be very interested to know that Yoconta has a Facebook page devoted to the dimensions of these images.  Like this page to be immediately notified of any Facebook changes!

Bonus: they do the hard work for you, telling you the differences of what people see on their computer and what they see on their mobile devices.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Free Quality Images -

Looking for quality images for your fliers, brochures, newsletters and websites?  Check out

-- Over 30 million stock images, graphics, digital arts, and audio files are available to you through a subscription that can be a monthly download limit or you can just pay as you buy via credits.

-- However, if you are making 10,000 or less copies, you can discover great finds in their FREE Downloads section, which gives you access to over 30,000 items.  Here's the link to the free search:

--  You can mark your favorites to your profile account, called "Likebox", so you don't have to download all immediately. Free images do expire from the website after a certain time, so pay attention to the expiration date.

-- Royalty free! Fine to use for advertising and marketing! Okay to post around and outside the library!  For more license information (especially to double check if any changes have been made since this posting) check out:

Friday, September 5, 2014

Install and Update All Your Programs at Once - and for FREE!

If you don't know this website, you definitely want to bookmark it for future reference! Ninite ( is the place to go when:
   1.  You want to find great free programs (anything from security to images to media to documents).
   2.  You want to download program(s) quickly, with just one click of the install button.
   3.  You want to update your programs.
   4.  You DON'T want toolbars or any of the other "add-on" programs.
   5.  It really is what they advertise -- click all the apps you want, click the installer, and then wait for it to download.  You are done in seconds!

Great for:
   1. New computers.
   2. Re-installing programs.
   3. Patron requests for free programs, like antivirus software and compatible Microsoft Office programs.
   4. Quickly updating your programs to the latest version.
   5. Trying to find great free programs. (If you want to know what they all are, this link describes them below the name: