Friday, June 21, 2019

Ready to Go Book Display: Back to School

Welcome to our series, "Ready to Go! Book Display." Once a month we'll highlight the latest or greatest for every age group that you can promote within your library or order for your collection. Even though we are knee deep in summer reading we are featuring books for back to school.

Recommendations for Adults:

The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger (Jul 2019)
A previously happy group of friends and parents are nearly destroyed by their own competitiveness when an exclusive school for gifted children opens in the community.

The authors take us beyond the hype of reform and inside some of America's most innovative classrooms to show what is working - and what isn't.

Parkland: Birth of a Movement by Dave Cullen (Feb 2019)
A moving account of the extraordinary teenage survivors of Parkland who became activists and pushed back against the NRA and Congressional leaders - inspiring millions of Americans to join their grassroots #neveragain movement.

A smart, snappy, and comprehensive guide for the millions of adults who are thinking about going - or going back - to college and want to know how to do it right.

Recommendations for Teens:

Wilder Girls by Rory Power (Jul 2019)
Left to fend for themselves when their island boarding school is quarantined, three best friends watch their teachers die before their fellow students begin succumbing to feral violence, a situation that is further complicated when one of them goes missing.

The Academy by Katie Sise (May 2018)
After messing up one too many times, Frankie Brooks, a future fashion editor, finds herself at military school where she must learn how to cope with the impossible military drills and specialized classes.

SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki (Apr 2015)
At a prep school for superheroes, mutants, and witches, paranormal abilities take a backseat to normal teen concerns.

Recommendations for Children:

The Pigeon Has to Go to School! by Mo Willems (Jul 2019)
The Pigeon throws a fit over his worries about the first day of school, from heavy backpacks to finger paint on his feathers.

The King of Kindergarten by Derrick Barnes and Vanessa Brantley-Newton (Jul 2019)
A story about a confident little boy who takes pride in his first day of kindergarten, encouraging new students with a reassuring message about this exciting milestone.

My First Day of School by Alyssa Satin Capucilli (Jul 2019)
An introduction for young readers to the milestone experiences of the first day of school, featuring a diverse assortment of students meeting their teacher, making new friends, and more.

First Day of Groot! by Brendan Deneen and Cale Atkinson (Jul 2019)
Follow Rocket and Groot as they set off across the galaxy learning new lessons, developing new skills, and making new memories with friends along the way.

So Big! by Mike Wohnoutka (Jul 2019)
A simple, clever text paired with adorable animal characters makes school-day jitters seem not so big after all.

The School Book by Todd Parr (Jul 2019)
A introduction on all the things you can do at school.

If I Built a School by Chris Van Dusen (Aug 2019)
A boy fantasizes about his dream school - from classroom to cafeteria to library and playground.

My Teacher is a Robot by Jeffrey Brown (Jun 2019)
Finding school boring and believing his teacher to be a robot, young Fred tries to think of ways to make his day more exciting, from pretending the classroom is filled with dinosaurs to imagining that tests are being mandated by an evil overlord.

Phoenix Goes to School by Michelle and Phoenix Finch (Jul 2018)
With encouragement from her mother, teacher, and a fellow student, Phoenix, who was assigned male at birth but identifies as female, finds the courage to face the first day of school.

Sorry, Grown-Ups, You Can't Go to School! by Christina Geist and Tim Bowers (Jul 2019)
This fun role-reversal picture book will help reluctant students see the appeal of school.

The 47 People You'll Meet in Middle School by Kristin Mahoney (Aug 2019)
Discover the ins and outs of middle school in this guide from an older sister to her younger sister.

Shadow School #1: Archimancy by J.A. White (Aug 2019)
Sixth-graders Cordelia, Agnes, and Benji go on a quest to unravel the secrets of Shadow School.

As summer comes to an end, Mr. Peanuts helps his friend, Rosie prepare her classroom and the school for the students' return.