Friday, November 28, 2014

Every Day Money Saving Tips

Happy Black Friday! Today makes me think of a few of my favorite places to visit for the latest deals and discounts before I make ANY online purchase. As every penny counts, here are a few ways to stretch your dollar:

- Retail Me Not. I use this one all the time, very user friendly and easy to use. You look up your store, they provide the online discount code, and you apply it to your cart. Easy peasy! As with all things online, not all codes are successful, so Retail Me Not included a success rate with each code so you'll know how likely they are to work.

- Slick Deals. Very similar to Retail Me Not, but much more extensive and complex. They also have a great browsing page, so you can easily go through pages of discounted items and deals, finding great deals that you didn't even know to look for but are perfect for your library / upcoming program.

- Amazon Discount Finder. I haven't used this one yet, but I think it is a fabulous idea. You mark the category you are interested in and the discount percent range you'd like, then search Amazon!

- Camel, Camel, Camel. If you don't need to buy something quickly, check out this website. It will tell you the price history of the object and it'll alert you when the price falls to your desired amount. Great for large purchases that can fluctuate a lot in price and aren't needed quickly.

Happy shopping, today and any day!

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