Friday, May 6, 2016

Top 8 Places to Shop for Bookish Apparel

We love our cardigans during the week, but what's a librarian to wear on their days off? Bookish apparel, of course! But where to buy them?

This was a question that was posed on the ALATT Facebook group and there were so many great answers, we thought we'd collect them before this Facebook post was lost in the void of the internet. Here are our favorites from the suggestions!

#1 Lithographs

A very interesting website! They create designs from the text of classic/contemporary novels! They certainly win the most creative award in this list. You can also buy temporary tattoos, posters, and totes...

 And, if you hurry, you can participate in their Kickstarter, buying an infinity scarf which features the words of a beloved classic or contemporary novel. Or, you can custom design your own.

#2 Welovefine

Some great finds at Welovefine! Designed by fans for fans, you'll find all types of clothes for your favorite fandom! They are currently releasing limited run t-shirts based on the MARVEL comic covers.

#3 Out Of Print

Lots of options on this website with a focus on the classics. We love these socks, but you can also search through clothes, tote bags, jewelry, scarves, and home accessories.

#4 Threadless

A great mix of fun and serious, with some really unique takes on bookish themes!

#5 Bookworm Society

Oooh, so much to choose from here! Not only do they have tote bags, but t-shirts, mugs, throw pillows, and more! Their design is heavily on word art, but nothing wrong with that!

#6 Redbubble

A large selection, here, too! Not only can you buy leggings, but clothes, wall art, stationery, bags, and home decor!

#7 Shirt.Woot!

Shirt.Woot has daily deals on lots of unique t-shirt designs . In their literary category alone, they have 403 t-shirts! Most are playful images. Every day, they have new designs and once they sell out, they're out.

#8 Etsy


If you are looking for great jewelry, you have to check out Etsy. Just searching for "literary" jewelry, you'll get 3,000 hits. You'll be busy for a while.

Additional Places to Checkout:

Harry Potter Alliance
Cafe Press
Appraising Pages Shop

Happy shopping!


  1. Word to the wise about Out Of Print: Their Women's sizes are ridiculously small. Worse than most places--my mom bought me a size up and it's still too small.