Friday, November 17, 2017

Ready to Go Book Display: Board Games

Welcome to our series, "Ready to Go! Book Display." Once a month we'll highlight the latest or greatest for every age group that you can promote within your library or order for your collection. This month I'm going to take a break from books and feature my favorite board and card games you can circulate or use in your library.

Recommendations for Adults:

Ages 17+ and 4-10+ Players
How well do you friends and family know you? Find out when you're in the Hot Seat.
Ages 17+ and 2-33 Players
The enclosed illustrated culture cards and thought-provoking opinion cards can actually be used to play 6 unique games. There's a version for everyone.
Ages 13+ and 1+ Players
From the makers of The Storymatic, this game can be used as a writing prompt, or a way to better get to know yourself, friends and family. This conversational game is a lifetime of memories in a little box.

Ages 17+ and 4-8 Players
In this game you are setting up your friend on a blind date. You just have to convince your friend to date your horrible character instead of the others.
Ages 12+ and 3-6 Players
Create and share lists on a variety of topics. Sometimes you'll want to match your competitors, some times you don't.
Ages 17+ and 4-8 Players
This is basically the Cards Against Humanity version for those of us that are "rude and well-read."

Recommendations for Teens:

Ages 12+ and 4-6 Players
It's your turn to make up the answers to Apples to Apples.  Use the dry-erase markers to write your own response on your apple slate. Now you'll always have the perfect answer!
Ages 12+ and 2+ Players
In this twist on the original Scattergories, you aren't limited to the letter on the die. Instead you'll get a category like "Things Made of Glass" and the word BOTTLE. Now name things that are made of glass whose letters start with the letters in the word BOTTLE.
Ages 12+ and 4-12 Players
Telestrations turns the classic telephone game into a drawing game. You don't need to be an artist in this game of miscommunication. Also check out the adult (ages 17+) version with Telestrations After Dark.
Ages 8+ and 2-6 Players
The only constant in Fluxx is change and you'll never play the same way twice. Featured are the new STEM related editions, but there's a version for everyone: start with the original Fluxx or Batman Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx and more.
Ages 8+ and 3+ Players
Combine character and attribute cards to make ridiculous fights and argue over who would win.
Make sure your bookshelf is nice and level, in this 3D puzzle with 40 challenges. Need more? Also check out Cat Stax and Dog Pile.
Ages 12+ and 3+ Players
You'll need your smartphone with this game that put your internet skills and photoroll to good use.
Ages 12+ and 3-8 Players
Want to play Pictionary but hate drawing? Try this. Get others to guess the prompt by combining, overlapping, and animating  special transparent cards. 

Recommendations for Kids:

Ages 3+ and 2-4 Players
Help the hungry squirrel by collecting acorns in this game that promotes color recognition and fine-motor skills.
Ages 3+ and 2-4 Players

Help Mother Hen collect her chicks in this non-competitive game that promotes counting.
Ages 5+ and 1+ Players
This colorful, nature-themed memory game features the artwork of picture book author and illustrator Melissa Sweet.
All Ages and 2+ Players
This modern twist on the classic card game has players racing to end up as the awesome Cat Lady.
Ages 8+ and 4-8 Players
Inspired by Cards Against Humanity, this game is 100% family friendly.
Ages 4+ and 2-5 Players
This game inspired by the Logo programming language will sneakily teach programming fundamentals to kids.

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