Friday, August 24, 2018

Summer Reading by the Book Covers

Oh, summer reading. The Youth Services Librarian's Super Bowl. The most fun, stressful, exciting, exhausting, exhilarating time of year!

How best can one describe these several weeks full of programs, parties, helping reluctant readers, giving out prizes, and everything else that summer entails? Let's do it by the books.

when you're planning months in advance

Image result for harriet gets carried away

when you're thinking about how awesome the summer will be

Image result for peter h reynolds dreamer

when the kickoff is going to start soon but nobody has shown up yet

Image result for first day jitters book

when the same child has been on the computer for six hours straight

Image result for are you ready to play outside mo willems

when small people stop to say "thank you" on the way out

Image result for day it rained hearts

When you can squeeze in time for a cup of tea

Image result for five minutes peace jill murphy

when you have 4 people in line, 3 kids waiting for prizes, the phone is ringing, and a program starts in 15 minutes

Image result for children's book library olympics

when kids recognize you from school visits

Image result for i am famous tara luebbe

when nobody has any idea who colored on the carpet and left lollipop sticks on the shelves

Image result for children's book girl who never did anything wrong

when a kid comes to the library and cries there's nobody there at all

Image result for here i am picture book

when you have three programs back to back

Image result for children's book heidi heckelbeck neverending day

when someone wants that book about squirrels with the blue cover

Image result for children's book stumpkin

and when you figure it out

Image result for children's book iamazing hamweenie

when everyone loves your program and even the chairs get pushed in afterwards

Image result for perfect day book lane smith

when fifteen kids each pick a whistle out of the prize box

Image result for children's books too much noise

when a little one shows you a picture they drew and they're so proud they could burst

Image result for most magnificent thing

when you're so tired by the end of the week that you're wearing two different shoes by accident

Image result for children's book okay to be different

when you get interrupted on your lunch break for the fifth time because someone needs a prize

Image result for children's book leave me alone

Looking back on everything

Image result for one crazy summer rita williams

but overall...

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