Friday, March 11, 2016

Does Your Library Transform Lives?

A few months ago, ALA announced their new public awareness campaign called Libraries Transform.


From the clean and bright design to the message behind it. It is so positive. It moves the conversation from how libraries are obsolete to how libraries are making a difference in people's lives RIGHT NOW. This is so desperately needed today as we fight to stay open and to change public perception of who we are.

This design says the message loud and clear:

Examples of some of their signs.

But since it was announced back in October, I haven't seen any libraries in my area jump on the bandwagon. I follow many listservs and I don't even see this campaign mentioned in their email signatures. And I wonder why not.

  • Do people not know about this campaign?
  • Did it fall off of our to-do list, as we try to squeeze a million things in our day?
  • Or, perhaps, people have opted to not participate?

If the latter is true about opting out, that's fine. But it'd be a real shame if people aren't participating because they haven't heard or forgot about it. If that is the case for you, let's take five minutes to talk about what you're missing out on.

1. An Awesome Key Message

We do transform lives, but we don't do a great job letting the public know about it. Not only will this campaign give us an opportunity to do so, but banding together will make our message stronger and consistent. 

2. Free Posters, Bookmarks, and More!

You can register for a free account to have access to their toolkit of FREE posters, bookmarks, web banners, and postcards that you can just download and post around your library. You can use their logo on your flyers. You can add their tag line to your email signatures. It doesn't take much to participate in this campaign.

3. An Upgrade to Your Outside Walls

You can also order window clings and banners to place around the library. And you can create custom create buttons for staff. You can have a lot of fun with this theme!

4. A Fun, Meaningful Patron Interaction

Patrons can participate, too! They can go to ilovelibraries and share their story. Maybe a fun idea for National Library Week?

OK, I Am In, Now What?

ALA and has you covered. You can visit their website and make a free account to access all of their great materials. They have everything from a full-fledged campaign to changing your email signature. You can get as involved as you like! Here are some ideas they suggest that we love:
  • Tweet about your most innovative and impactful services using the #librariestransform hashtag. 
  • Download and print “Because...” posters and them around your community. Think about posting them in unexpected places. 
  • Download and print the postcards and send them to your stakeholders with messages about new, innovative programs and services at your library. Or, use them to reconnect with lapsed cardholders, inviting them to re-visit the library. 
  • Include Libraries Transform messaging in your community newsletters, e-newsletter or regular email blasts to stakeholders. 
  • Invite your community members to share their stories of how “libraries transform” on your social media platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
So, it doesn't have to take much to participate. If you can take a few minutes out of your day, it could make a world of a difference. In marketing, there is the rule of seven. They say that customers need to see/hear something seven times before they remember it. So, let's get this message out and say it loud and clear.

Because we do transform lives.


It's about time that people knew about it. :)

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