Friday, June 24, 2016

The First Global eBook Club for Libraries (on OverDrive)

Facebook Image Provided by OverDrive's Marketing Kit
Have you ever wanted to try an eBook Club with your patrons? If your library uses OverDrive, now is your chance to try it out!

From now until July 7th, patrons can borrow the eBook A Murder In Time by Julie McElwain and participate in the fun. Here's why every library with OverDrive should get on board:

1. This title was selected in a survey of over 20,000 OverDrive readers! Even if only 10% of these people participate, it'll be a vibrant community.

2. Since you're partnering with OverDrive and the publisher Pegasus Books, there will be no waitlist -- everyone will get to immediately download the book. (YAY!) Unfortunately, there is no audiobook version of this book but all OverDrive libraries were automatically included in this program. (You can opt-out, if you want -- but why would you?)

3. It is a great way to introduce patrons to your eBook collection, getting a feel for how it works and how easy it is to use (and getting them to look beyond the bestsellers).

4. OverDrive created a marketing kit to help you get the word out! They designed professional images for social media, fliers, a press release, and more that you can modify and use.

5. OverDrive has an online discussion board for all participants and they also provided libraries with the discussion questions, if you want to host your own event. They even have an interview with the author, which you can share with your patrons.

It might be too late to fully participate this year, but it only takes 5 minutes to print out the fliers and post on social media about this program. Being busy librarians, it is so nice to have the hard work done for us! We at 5minlib give three cheers to OverDrive!
So, how about we work together to get the word out and make this program successful? A win/win for all!

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