Friday, May 4, 2018

Star Wars Day: 6 Ways the Library Strikes Back

So, you like Star Wars. Your kids like Star Wars. Your kids' kids like Star Wars. Did you know that one of the best places to celebrate Star Wars Day is at your Public Library? We kid you not! Here are 6 ways the force can be with you:

1. Star Wars Events

Lots of libraries celebrate Stars Wars Day with special events. It could be anything from meeting the characters from the movie to making yoda cookies to building pool noodle sabers! Check out your library's calendar to see what they have planned.

2. Star Wars DVDs

Don't own every DVD in the Star Wars series? No worries, every library has the whole collection and if it is checked out, you can request it from another library through interlibrary loan, if your library participates in that service. (Go here to see the complete list of movies:

3. Star Wars Books

There is so much to the Star Wars franchise than just movies and toys. There are also a lot of books for adults to teens to kids (here's a great starter list we made a few years ago). Even babies can enjoy learning the ABCs with their favorite Star Wars characters. You can read stories which continue on the saga, you could learn how to make special arts and crafts like Yoda ears, you could make your own Star Wars costume... If your library has Hoopla or Overdrive, you don't even need to step a foot into the library to get the ebooks or audiobooks!

4. Star Wars Music

Did you know you can check out CDs from the library? You can enjoy the original motion picture soundtracks, lullaby renditions for your baby, the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra, and more! If your library offers Freegal Music, you can download three songs each month to keep forever! (No returning!) 

5. Star Wars Games

Libraries also offer video games and board games! Go to your library's catalog and search Star Wars (limit to games) and see what pops up! Every library offers something different, but Stars Wars is a popular theme. Who wouldn't want to play a game of Star Wars Guess Who or Star Wars Battlefront II?

6.  3D Print Star Wars Models

If you are lucky to have a library that has a 3D Printer (Not all of them do, though check nearby libraries as well), then you are in luck! There are so many different ways to use that printer for Star Wars decor:

So, what are you doing for Star Wars Day? Perhaps visiting your library?

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