Friday, August 26, 2016

Year Two in Review: The Best of the Best Posts

Happy two years, 5 Minute Librarian readers!

What an adventure these two years have been! It has been our pleasure to write for you and we learned so much along the way. Our greatest achievement this year was the spin-off blog, Spoilers, Sweetie, which we couldn't have done without so many librarians volunteering their time! But that isn't all that we covered. We are excited to share below a list of our top posts since last August!

10 Insider Secrets Librarians Only Tell Their Friends

Our most popular post yet with over 18,000 views! Who knew that librarians were holding so much back from their patrons? ;-)

31 Days of Instagram Challenge

Our most exciting post with over 200 libraries participating on Instagram. Just check out the #5minlibchallenge in Instagram to see what everyone did! We can't wait to reveal our next 31 Days Challenge next month! (To see some of our favorite IG images, check out this post:

What You Can Do to Combat Librarian Burnout

Burnout is very real, folks, most especially in this profession. Kat shares some tips that helps her keep burnout at bay.

Top Ways to Advertise Your Library Programs - Part 1

You have an awesome program, now how to do you get the word out to your patrons?

Canva for Work - Free for Libraries!

We love Canva! We love free! If you make flyers/promotional materials for your library, you need to check out this post.

8 Simple Photography Tricks Every Librarian Should Know

Jess shares some tips from a real photographer that'll up your photography game in little time!

Top 15 IFTTT Recipes to Save You Time

Because we all could use more time in the day!

Disruptive Teen Patrons: 7 Strategies to Regain Order, Authority, and Your Sanity

Tips that should be useful when working with teens, or any disruptive patron!

The Ultimate Book Awards Calendar

More awards than you ever knew about, divided by age (Adult, Teen, and Children) as well as by month. Handy!

Copyright in Social Media: Guidelines for a Messy Virtual World

Is it okay to repost that comic on Facebook? Kat dives in deep in the world of copyright for social media.

Introducing Spoilers, Sweetie!

Our proudest moment! We started a spin-off blog to help you "read" more award winning books, especially the ones you aren't interested in but should know about.

Patrons Under the Influence of Drugs: What Libraries Can Do About It

There's a big opioid epidemic here in the United States. Be educated and prepared, in case anything happens in your library. With 78 people dying from overdoses every day, the question isn't "if" but "when".

Spotlight on Diversity: Are Your Library Shelves White-Washed?

A list of ways to make sure your collection is diverse.

Ready to Go Book Display: LGBT Pride Month

Allie created a stellar list of LGBT titles for your displays!

Ready to Go Book Display: Star Wars Reads Day

Star Wars Day is an annual event. Be ready for next year's display with these great titles!

Ready to Go Display: We Need Diverse Books

Are you looking for great books to bring diversity to your shelves? Check out this list of titles!

Thank you for following us, commenting, and sharing our content. If there is anything you'd love us to write more about, please let us know in the comments or on Twitter @5minlib.  Here's to another great year!

-Jess, Kat, and Allie

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